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A Journey With Nature
October, 2015

 A simple little corner  where I can share with those of you who also love nature some of the stories behind the photos.  I know many of you love nature the same way I do!  I will shoot for a daily entry but won't always make it as I am out in the field photographing often.   Bookmark and enjoy at your leisure.  You may scroll down through all the photos and stories or you may just click on one of the small icons and it will flip right to the photo you want to view. 


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One of the most fascinating sights in the American West are the thermal features of Yellowstone National Park.  This is an early morning shot (when the steam shows up the best) of a few of the thermal feautres.

One of the greatest thrills for me personally in photography is to be able to catch wildlife.  This huge bull moose had two beautiful lady moose (cows) with him and they were both wanting his attention.  He was quite happy!  Smile.  Note the scarring on his face.  He has seen many battles to win the rights to father furture generations.  (Wyoming)


This most beautiful scene is in Wyoming.  We felt so happy to find it.  The locals told us there are lots of bear in the area and I wish I had more time to explore it!  Lots of water so I bet Spring migration is also beautiful!  (Wyoming)


There are places that mean so very very much to me and the San Juan mountains of Colorado are at the top of the list.  This was a morning shot as the clouds parted and lifted off the peaks giving everything a surreal glow.  (Colorado)


This beautiful vista is seen from the top of Cameron Pass in Colorado.  The rugged peaks you see are called Crag Crest.  Beautiful spot.  We have driven up through all those trees to the middle and there is an old cabin up there.  (Colorado)

A most beautiful day at Owl Creek Pass.  One of my personal favorite autumn places in CO.  (Colorado)


I loved this winding old country road ... and look where it took me!  Such beauty is unmeasurable.  One can only imagine how there can be such gentleness in nature.  (Wyoming)


This old cabin (duplex, smile) is a favorite subject of mine.  Once in awhile when the sun sets JUST right behind it it just comes to life ... an Autumn setting seems so right for it.  (Colorado)


Once in awhile I am blessed to stand in a place where it seems as if the world is forming all about me.  Such was the case as I stood in this special area full of thermal features that filled the air with steam.  The sun attempted to shine through giving it an even more primeval feeling.  It was so very wonderful!  (Yellowstone National Park)


One of my favorite autumn spots in the San Juan mountains.  To drive along this road is pure heaven.  Love the wood made fences, the mountains, the dirt road, and the often seen elk that are in the area.  (COLORADO)

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