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August 6, 2012:  Did you know that there are more guns in the USA than people?  (by a large number) Here we go again with another mass shooting.  I'm so tired of the comment, "Our prayers and thoughts are with the victims" being the ONLY thing that happens.  When will we do something about assault weapons?  Your heart breaks and breaks ...

Title:  The sun sets on the lives of more innocent victims

August 3, 2012:

"Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.  ~~ Nathaniel Hawthrone

Here we go again ... the weekend!  So hard to believe it is here already.  May each of you find a guiet moment to sit down and let happiness alight upon you!

Title:  Western Swallowtail On Marigold

 "Slow down & enjoy life. It's not only the scenery you miss by going too fast you also miss the sense of where you are going & why." ~~~ Eddie Cantor

Why is that advise is always so hard to remember and practice?  Our busy days just seem to put us in a 'spin cycle' that never stops. 

Title:  Playing Peek-a-boo

July 31, 2012:
 Are you watching the Olympics?  I'm not really watching them but am following them.  Proud of our athletes for sure.

Thought this young House Finch who is just getting his red coloring looked so cute sitting on the trellis on the back deck. 

Just for fun ... not for sale ... just liked the little guy

July 30, 2012:
  My goodness just look at that date!  How did we get here already?  Yet, in some ways it has been the longest summer of my life with all the events that have been happening.  Life ... it just never stops to give you a short pause to enjoy 'the moment' does it?  I guess that is why we just have to put it on pause every now and then and TAKE those moments!  Like this moment ... I was with people I love in a place I love and God gave us this moment.  It is locked in my heart.  (I will be making a set with this shot entitled Locked In My Heart soon)

Title:  Locked In My Heart.

July 28, 2012:
 Want to wish you all a happy Sunday as I won't be posting tomorrow.  May the day be one you will remember for all good reasons!

Title:  Silver Nights

July 27, 2012:
 "A trip to nostalgia now and then is good for the spirit." ~~ Dan Bartolovic

Ever have one of those days when you just feel a bit blue?  Sometimes a little trip down nostalgia lane can help.  Memories are there for  many purposes ... and one of those purposes is to bring us joy.  So a little trip to nostalgia can be a good thing every now and then. 

As you know I love to feed the birds in unusual containers ... here are a couple of current shots from the deck with a couple of new little ones eating.

This little Mourning Dove was sitting IN the feeding dish.  Too cute.

Title:  Young Mouring Dove

Title:  Young House Finch

July 26, 2012:
   "All the pictures that hung in my memory before I knew you have faded and given place to our radiant moments together.  Now, I cannot live apart from you ... your words are my food, your breath my wine."  ~~ Sarah Bernhardt

hese words have nothing to do with anything I'm posting today!  I just came across them and thought them to be so pretty I wanted to share.  I guess you could apply them to nature too!

Today I found the most exciting scene in nature.  We were driving on a very very remote mountain road and came across at least 20 bucks! I really believe there were more but to be conservative I'll say 20.  There were about three does in the group too.  I have never seen that many bucks together at once.  It was so awesome.  I took tons of shots but, of course, could never get all of them in one shot!

They are still in velvet and the antlers are not done growing but they are getting very large!  Hope I meet them again in the Autumn!

See the little female way in the back ...

I felt as if I had found the 'gentlemen's club".

July 25, 2012:
 Beautiful day here today.  Have an eye doctor apt. with dialation and all that jazz so not much work done today!  Hope you are having a wonderful day.  I love ferns and here is a little one I found high atop a mountain.

Title:  The Fern

July 223, 2012:
"May God give you ... For every storm a rainbow, for every care a promise and a blessing in each trial.  For every problem life sends, a faithful friend to share, for every sigh a sweet song and an answer for each prayer."  ... Irish Blessing

This saying came to my mind today ... seems we can all use a little rainbow to remind us that we are not alone.  So much trouble and strife in the world between man and man and man and nature.  May you find some peace each day.

Title:  Rainbow Over Plains of Colorado

July 22, 2012: 
appy Sunday.  A day to celebrate life and gratefulness for it.  Each day is a miracle and every moment we breathe one to say 'thank you' for.  May your heart find joy today.

Just a lighter touch ... home from shopping and turned around to see this

Just for fun ... not for sale

July 21, 2012:
 The question on so many folks minds today is "Why" ... why did that person shoot all those innocents?  I think we will never understand ANY mass murderer.  It is impossible for the rational mind to go there.  All we can do is take care of our own lives and try to help the lives of those we touch.  Try to love and be loved to the fullest.  Except the miracle of each and every day. 

A Beautiful Arabian mare and her colt.  Such spirit!

Title:  Run Like The Wind

July 20, 2012:
  This is a summer that Colorado would rather forget ... at least I would.  The endless fires and droughts and now a horrible tragedy that was senseless and evil.  My heart goes out to every single victim and their families of the horrible shooting in Aurora.

July 18, 2012:
Did you ever wish you could just stop working and go play?  (how about that for a silly question!)  I know I sure think about that.  As I photographed these two Western Swallowtail butterflys I could not help but think that the one in flight was saying to the other one, "You are working to hard,  Come dance with me!"

This one is just for fun ... not that good of quality.

July 16, 2012:
 A new week.  A fresh start.  I like to think of each new week that way rather than how many days until weekend.  LOL.  Today is dark and cloudy ... a bit cooler ... hoping for rain.  Hope you are all ready for a great week.

Here are a couple flowers to brighten your day:

Title:  Tiger Lily

Title:  Field of Lupine and Daisies

July 14, 2012:
 Little rays of sunlight are filtering in through my office window as I prepare this.  So beautiful the way the seem to make the air dance and sparkle!

Sharing another shot from the Galvaston Railroad Museum because I just love that place and these wonderful statues.

Title:  Waiting For The train

July 13, 2012:
 Here we go ... the WEEKEND!  Hope it's looking like a good one wherever you are.  MAYBE some rain here ... sure could use it so hope so.  I'm sharing just a fun shot today that I took at the Galveston Train Station in Galveston, Texas.  It's a wonderful old well preserved station and all through it they have these fantastic white ghost like sculptures of people!  All in 1920's attire.  I love it.

Title:  Ticket To Denver Please

July 10, 2012:
 So hot ... know you probably are wherever you live as well ... another fire just broke out about 40 miles from here ... will this ever end?  We have had weeks of over 95 and mostly over 100 now ... just nothing at all like our normal weather.  Sometimes it is hard to keep your perspective in weather like this!  Hope you had a great day and that tomorrow will be even better.

We thought it looked like it might be raining up on the Grand Mesa so we drove up ... it was and we enjoyed it SO MUCH.

Title:  Grand Mesa Rain

July 8, 2012:
 I love to dream.  I think we have to have a certain number of things to dream about to help us in those down moments of our lives.  I suspect everyone has a place they go to in their dreams that takes them away from the ordinary.  For me it is always the mountains.  This is one of my dream places.

Have a terrific Sunday ... and take a little time to dream.

Forest of Dreams

July 6th, 2012:
 "Don't count the days ... make the days count."  Good advice I think.  The days of our lives go by so fast sometimes it is good to remember to make each one count. 

Hard to believe but the first harvest of wheat is already here!  I love a wheat field and the gold tones it takes on as the sun is setting over it.

Title:  Golden Stalks

Title:  Golden Fields

July 5th, 2012:
 Today I'm dreaming.  Dreaming of cool days, glorious colors and FAMILY.  I'm dreaming of our coming trip to the Tetons in Sept.  For the first time we are meeting all our kids there!  Had to bring up a photo I took last year that I love of this magic place.    Hope you are staying cool and dreaming of good things to come as well.

Title:  Lake Jenny

July 3 and 4, 2012:
 Wonder what the day is like where you are?  What your plans are for the fourth?  Here it is, of course, ever so hot.  The state has issued along with our county a no fireworks and not even a charcol grill!  So no grilling.  Having everyone over but it will be a much more ordinary dinner this year!  Hope you all have a great celebration of our freedom and all the great things that this country stands for.

Title:  Running Red, White & Blue

Title:  Let Freedom Ring

July 2, 2012:
 Everyone seems to be suffering all over the nation.  One disaaster or another, heat, heat, and more heat.  (over 100 every day for over three weeks now here and no change in sight) Our yard is dying.  I know this is minor compared to other things FOR SURE but it is so sad. Water restrictions just don't allow enough to keep it alive.  Soon we will have them on the inside too I'm sure.  Here is a shot just to help cool us all off ... don't you wish you could just play in it?

Rifle Falls, Colorado

Title:  Cool Waters

June 29, 2012:
 Sorry I have been a bit slow getting the blog taken care of the last view days.  As many of you know I live in Colorado and you know we have been a bit preoccupied with wildfires.  Though our home and city are not in any danger there is a fire not 45 miles from us that has forced evacuations.  It seems our whole state is on fire ... it is breaking my heart to think of all the people, wild life, etc., impacted by this awful drought.

This shot is a shot of the Pine Ridge fire near our town the day it started ... three days ago.  Nothing is as bad as the Colorado Springs fire area but this is serious.

June 25, 2012:
  Wow!  The weekend got away from me for sure!  Hope you all had a great one and that this week is off to a grand start.  Here we are heading into July in just a few days.  Went to visit some old mines this past weekend.

Title:  Yankee Girl Mine

Title:  Yankee Boy Mine

June 21, 2012:
 Some days just don't turn out the way you plan them!  This was one of those days ... but it was a wonderful day in spite of some set backs.  I hope each one of you had a FANTASTIC day.

This old church was built in the 1880s in a little town called Marble Colorado.  They do mine marble here and, in fact, part of the Washington Memorial Monument came from this quarry.

Title:  Marble Church

This shot is not available ... just sharing it for fun.  This is the 'road' we took up into the mountains outside of Marble.  It is four wheel drive only and works okay until you meet another Jeep.  The Crystal river flows beside it.

June 20, 2012:
  Tonight I went into the forest and was hoping beyond hope to get to see a mom and fawn.  I was blessed.  The shot is not all that good as mom was very protective and was doing her best to get the newborn away from my prying lens and I was not able to get close.  But I am thrilled to have seen this little bit of God's wonder.

June 19, 2012:
  What would the world be like if we could not look outside and see a bird, hear it sing, marvel at it's colors?  I can not even begin to imagine such a place.  I am blessed to have two pairs of Dark-headed Grosbeaks that feed in my feeding station on my deck.  The male is sitting in the tree and the female is perched on the deck railing.  They bring me constant joy.  (she has a mouth full of seeds!)

I hope your windows provide you with a view of joy.

Title:  Male Dark-headed Grosbeak

Title:  Female Dark-headed Grosbeak

June 18, 2012:
Some days you just don't feel like spreading  your wings and flying.  It feels much more like a day to just sit on the nest! But once you start to soar ... WOW ... may this be a day you soar.

Title:  A Good Day To Soar

June 17, 2012:

June 15, 2012, Mesa County, Colorado: 
How lucky I am to have known someone who was so hard to say good-bye to." ~ Anonymous

Back from the two day photo shoot in the mountains.  Beautiful, of course, but so worrisome due to the lack of moisture.  Wild flowers are scarce and even in the high country it is starting to turn brown. 

Govenor Basin ... above Ouray, Colorado

Cool Waters

This Redwing Blackbird was enjoying the last rays of the sun.

  Sunset On The Redwing Blackbird

une 13, 2012, Mesa County, Colorado: 
Friendship is a sheltering tree."  ~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Whew, 95 degrees plus today!  Hope it was nice and cool and green where you are.  I'm leaving the office for a two day trip for photography.  Back in the office most likely on Saturday.

On the side of a mountain

  The Mountain Hilltop

A little Marmot saying his morning prayers!

Title:  Time For Prayers

June 12, 2012, Mesa County, Colorado: 
Oh sing unto the Lord a new song; for he hath done marvelous things." ~ Psalm 98:1

Today was a beautiful blue sky day ... warm, got up to 95 in fact, but so beautiful.  Went up into the mountains for a feew shots.

Ran into these two out for a morning ride.

Title:  Morning Ride

The snow is mostly gone on the mountains now.

Title:  Mt. Sneffels

This is just for fun ... Gidget was being naughty and jumped up in the bookcase ... note that expression on her face!

June 11, 2012, Mesa County, Colorado
:  "Promise you won't forget me because if I thought you would I'd never leave."  ~~ A. A. Milne

Bittsweet day today as my husband who has been out of town for two weeks is to return.  Unfortunately the train he was coming home on hit a pedestrian who was killed.  (ran out on to the track)  Can't wait for him to get home.  Long delays.  So sad.

Grand Lake, Colorado ... sun peaked out for a moment and lent this beautiful golden cast to the lake.

Title:  Longing

Title:  Little Mischief Maker

June 10, 2012, Mesa County, Colorado: 
"Many eyes go through the meadows but few see the flowers."  ~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

So many times when I am out photographing I am amazed at how people just speed through nature on their way here or there never even noticing the extraordinary beauty all about them.  Sometimes we just have to take time to BREATHE!

Wild Larkspur ... note the tiny butterfly eggs in the top flower

Title:  Wild Larkspur

I love the dainty little mountain primrose

Title:  Mountain Primrose

June 9, 2012, Mesa Country, Colorado:
 "The morning, which is the most memorable season of the day ... Morning is when I am awake and there is a dawn in me." ~  Henry David Thoreau

Hope everyone is having a great weekend with some recreation involved!  It is so easy to forget to take time to renew our spirit with the busy lives we lead.
Great Blue Heron at Sunrise

Title:  Great Blue Heron Sunrise

This Redwing Blackbird was singing his heart out to his intended mate.

Title:  Redwing Blackbird On Wire

June 8, 2012, Mesa County, Colorado:
   "Inside myself is a place where I live all alone and that's where you renew the springs that never dry up."  ~~ Pearl S. Buck

Suppose to reach 100 degrees here today.  I hope it's nice and cool where you are.  In spite of the heat the birds sing, the butterflies fill the air with their beauty, and my heart floods with joy.

On my back deck a few minutes ago.  These two male Black Headed Grosbeaks had a discussion!

Title:  Wait Your Turn!

The female got her turn earlier this morning.

Title:  Mrs. Grosbeak gets a bite.

June 7, 2012, Mesa County, Colorado: 
When you have learned to love you have learned to know God."  ... Sauk Indian saying

That seems so true to me ... I think you could also say when you have learned of nature you have learned to know God.

Are you familiar with draft horses?  They are a breed specially made to do work.  I have quite fallen in love with them.  They are HUGE compared to a normal horse but oh so gentle.  Here are two I found.  Note the difference in size between them and the horse beside them.

Title:  Draft Horses on Mountain

Here is a close-up of the two ... HUGE horses!

Title:  Draft Horse Close-up

June 6, 2012, Mesa County, Colorado:
 "Whoever is happy will make others happy too." ... Mark Twain

Life is way to short to spend it unhappy.  Each person has their place for happiness gathering.  For me it is with family and in nature. 

How could you not be happy waking up to a sunrise like this?

Title:  Morning At Monument Valley

Or watching the sun disapear behind the trees and horizon

Title:  Saying Good-night

June 5, 2012, Mesa County, Colorado:
Today it is so hot and windy.  We are already on water restrictions!  Normally we would have deep river water from the snow melts at this time, sometimes even flooding, but not this year.  The Colorado river looks like a stream.  Very frightening when  you think of how many people in the Southwest USA count on water from this river.

Title:  Pink Rose

The little Song Sparrow sings to the joy of a new day.

Title:  Song Sparrow

was recalling today how beautiful the Great White Egrets were when I visited Texas.

Title:  Great White Egret

June 4, 2012, Mesa Country, Colorado
Sometimes the best world is right in your own backyard.  I can not express what a joy it has been to shoot the Tiger Swallowtail and the tiny humminbird right on my own deck.

Title:  Swallowtail Drinking

Title:  Hummingbird Read For Flight

I spent two months walking down to the Great Horned Owls nests to watch the babies grow.  I have volumes of photos of them.  This is the last one I took of one of the babies as they were ready to fledge.  It was SO hard to say good-bye.

itle:  Hard To Say Good-bye

June 3, 2012, Mesa Country, Colorado
I guess one of the things in nature that thrills me the instant I see it is the Mountain Bluebird.  I can not tell you how much I love these birds.  I have spent hours sitting and waiting to be able to capture one shot!  Here is the male and female mountain bluebird.

Title:  Male Mountain Bluebird

Title:  Female Mountain Bluebird

June 2, 2012, Mesa County, Colorado
:  This past weekend I was so excited as I was blessed to see and photograph a GOLDEN EAGLE.  This is a rather rare sighting.  I have shot many Bald Eagles but getting close enough to shoot a Golden Eagle is a rare treat.  He was in the process of devouring a rabbit. 


I thought it was amazing that the little Magpie which is a scavenger was brave enough to march around this huge eagle hoping for some handoffs.  His perserverance paid off as he was treated to some prey as the eagle dropped a bit when he flew off with the rabbit.

TITLE:  Eagle And The Magpie

The day was overcast and dull thus I  had to up the exposure on the above two shots in order for the birds to show.  However, just as we were entering Ouray, Colorado, the sun filtered through the sky for a brief second giving us a beautiful scene.

Title:  Driving Into Heaven

I do not normally shoot domestic pets except for my own cat, but this day I saw a young Austrian Husky that absolutely captivated my heart with his beautiful eyes.  The owners allowed me to photograph him.

Title:  Austrian Husky


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