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 A simple little corner  where I can share with those of you who also love nature some of the stories behind the photos.  I know many of you love nature the same way I do!  I will shoot for a daily entry but won't always make it as I am out in the field photographing often.   Bookmark and enjoy at your leisure.  You may scroll down through all the photos and stories or you may just click on one of the small icons and it will flip right to the photo you want to view. 



Walk the path with me as we listen to all sorts of birds singing their morning songs, feel the cool air embrace our cheeks, and let the beauty fill up our senses!   (Wyoming)


If you look closely you will see so many different kinds of flowers present.  Lupine, white paintbrush, fairy trumet, sunflowers, sneezeweed, cow parsnip, and many more.  I took this photo last evening at about 7:30 pm.  I had feared the wild flowers would be all gone by the time we returned from Canada but was so pleased to find them a bit later this year and STILL there!  (Grand Mesa, CO about 10,000 ft in altitude) 


This young filly was not getting very far away from Mom.  She is so pretty!  Found a band of wild horses at the Rock Springs, Wyoming wild horse range and enjoyed SO much watching their interaction.  This appeared to be the only baby this Spring.  Wildlife management controls the number of new ones.  (Rock Springs Wild Horse Range, Wyoming)


What a thrill!  I can not tell you how it feels to stand at dawn and watch literally thousands of Sandhill Cranes (pictured above) and Snow Geese take off.  The sky was almost black with them.  The sound was incredible.  An experience I will never forget for sure.  This is just one tiny tiny tiny little photo of the masses that were preparing to take off for their daily food gathering only to return at night to bed down.  (Bosque Del Apache, New Mexico)


This feels like the top of the world when I am there.  Yet it is only 6,647 feet!  I live at over 5,000 ft and visit the Grand Mesa and the San Juan mountains regularly that are over 10,000.  All a matter of perspective.  It is a beautiful place and this photo was taken in late July.  Breaks my heart to see so many dead trees up there.  Not sure if it is the bark beetle which is taking so many trees here in Colorado or just what is killing them.  Hope they all come back!  (Logan Pass, Glacier National Park, Montana)


This beautiful little purple/lavendar flower is blooming all over the Grand Mesa right now.  It looks a lot like Aster but is really called Fleabane.  Is that not the most awful name for a most beautiful flower!!  (Grand Mesa, CO)


TThis  Beautiful Swainson's hawk was busy hunting his dinner.  He sat in the one and only tree that adorned the area we were in and scoured the countryside with his keen eyes to try to find a small rodent to enjoy.  We had the privilege of watching him as he dove and danced about the sky until he finally flew away to hunt in another area.  (Montana)


For me, one of the most beautiful things to witness in nature would have to be wild horses.  I love their spirit and their ability to survive and thrive in the wild.  I love their LOOK of wildness and the beauty that goes with such independence.  This stallion is the leader of a band of about 12 on a wild horse range in Wyoming.  We have watched him for two years since we were blessed to find this band.  He is being challened now by the beautiful young stallion pictured below.  They are both so magnificent.  I suspect perhaps next year we will find the young one has taken over.  We will see.  Note all the scars on this one ... clearly he has worked hard to earn his right to be the leader.


(ROCK SPRINGS Wild Horse Range, Wyoming)


I love the ocean!  I am a mountain girl at heart but I do love to visit the ocean and feel and hear it's power.  A little morning fog was still hanging about when I took this shot.  We walked a long ways and finally found a rock that was absolutely covered in seals!  Wonderful experience.  (near Fort Bragg, northren CA)


Teton mountains in the background, wildflowers in the foreground, could there be anything more a person could desire?  I love Colorado more than any place in the world but at least twice a year I visit my second favorite place, Grand Teton National Park and the surrounding area.  Late June presents with fields of glorious wildflowers! 


The good mother.  Smile.  Too exhauseted to run anymore she sat for us and allowed us to take several shots of her before she left.  She was so tired from hunting and then bringing home the bounty to her kit.  A LARGE grouse.  Instincts are wonderful and she was a very good Mother.   (Wyoming)


I think this is one of my favorite arches.  It is named Keyhole or Turret Arch.  Really is a huge formation.  I live about an hour and a half from Arches National Park so visit there quite frequently in the winter and spring.  (Arches National Park, Utah)


The photo I did not want to take.  This is so disturbing to me.  Twenty years ago we visited this same glacier and it was down at the bottom of the hill by the water ... once it had been way larger than what we saw then.  They had markers showing where it had been back to I believe 1945 or there abouts.  It is receding so fast as are any glaciers that are left.  Soon there will be none left.  Most are gone in Glacier National Park now.   (Athabasca Glacier, Alberta, Canda)


The sun was setting on a local lake and my time there was nearly over.  About ready to leave when this beautiful Great Blue Heron flew into range leaving his beautiful shadow dancing in the water.  I felt the whole scene was so perfect and a wonderful end to a lovely evening.  (Mack Lake, Colorado)


One of the most beautiful birds to me is the Snow Goose.  They are all white except for the under tips of their wings which are black and when they are in flight it is a magnificent sight.  When sitting and/or sleeping they are so beautiful and gentle looking!  (Bosque Del Apache, New Mexico)


This huge bison was following the herd most of whom had jumped the fence.  Hard to imagine 2 tons of bison being able to jump this fence in any way but they sure did ... up and over.  One often thinks a bison is as tame as a cow, no, not the case.  Many sad people have approached bison in Yellowstone only to be tossed in the air and harmed or killed.  They are a wild animal and must be treated as such.  A nice long lens caught this shot!  Smile.  (Grand Teton National Park)


UP before the sun!  I love to rise before the sun and watch it come up over the horizon with all the promise it brings for a bright new day.  This particular morning I was watching it on a platform built to watch the birds.  Was so beautiful to see it's reflections dance on the water.  (Jackson, Wyoming)


Once in a while the light and air conditions are just right to turn the Grand Mesa a beautiful shade of pink in the evening as the sun goes down.  The Grand Mesa is over 10,000 ft. in altitude and where I take so many of my Colorado photos.  I took this photo from the street I live on overlooking the valley and town below.  (Grand Junction, CO)


This bear was so graceful and careful as he foraged through the forest.  He lifted all four paws and walked over the fallen branch rather than crushing it.  He had food on his mind and finally settled down and ate a bunch of dandelions which seemed to be his food of choice ... at least that morning.  (Wyoming)

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