We reserve the right to alter or change our terms.  Please check back from time to time.

Moon and Back Photography (Beverly Zuerlein) reserves all rights to the photo.  The copyright remains with Moon and Back.  What you are purchasing is a license to use the photo for any of the specified (below) uses. 

Photos May Be Used In The Following Ways

1.  For any PERSONAL use you may have.  On your OWN web site, to print out as cards for your personal use, to print out for your own home, in a brochure you are constructing, church bulletins, cell phone backgrounds, school projects, etc.  Anything that you PERSONALLY are doing that is not being sold or used to make a profit. 

2)  If you wish to use the photo COMMERCIALLY ... to sell a product, to promote a product, in a logo, book projects, CD covers, to make into another product to sell, etc. there is a separate button and price for that purpose.  Anything you will be profiting from must fall under commercial use. 

ALL Copyrights belong to MOON AND BACK

All Moon and Back logos MUST remain on each photo just as they would any piece of art purchased. 

Once your payment arrives we send you an e-mail receipt for your records along with a zipped file containing the photo.

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